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  1. you read the Hansen research? It is a joke. The data cleooctiln procedures and methods are not based in science..more like interpreted bs or psychology. Manipulating and guessing and discounting temp data from different sources using different instruments, filling in data based on assumptions just convinced me that these are not scientists. There is no way they could determine the temp of the earth without a significant error from such an uncontrolled, scattered, backward, random looking dataset. Conversely, the modern satellite measurements are more consistent and accurate showing a cooling trend. Ice core samples similar controversy. CO2 measurements form Hawaii, hello it is a freakin volcano.You know Hansen was arrested protesting at a coal mine That is ideology not science.The problem, climate science is in its infancy really. The scientific process has been superseded by junior psuedoscientists ego, money and politics. Legitimate scientific inquiry has been corrupted. Climate science can’t be elevated to the level of other hard sciences. Yet, we give these fraudsters the credit that science should deserves.Calling these guys scientist is like calling Anna Nichole Smith a talented actress.

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